Teaching Professional
Each lesson is taught by The Orchards PGA Golf Professional Dale David II.  Dale has taught golf to thousands of men, women & juniors for the last 20+ years.

Standard Lessons (includes V1 Golf video analysis & HD Simulator Data)
$45 for 30 minutes        Junior Rate $30 for 30 minutes
The standard lesson consists of a half-hour session with Dale who will analyze your entire golf swing.  The one-on-one session includes range balls, V1 Golf video analysis, points to work on, and drills to practice.  This format is geared for golfers of all skill levels and ages.

Lesson Packages (includes V1 Golf Video analysis)
3 Lesson Package for only $125 (save $10)
6 Lesson Package for only $230 (save $40)
Junior $30 (1/2hr) or $150 Package (save $30)

Group Rates - $60 per half-hour for two students or $75 per 45 minutes for 3 students

HD Golf Simulator Lesson
$45 for 30 minutes        Junior Rate $30 for 30 minutes
This one-on-one session includes complete swing & V1 Golf Video analysis.  Along with club and ball data from the HD Simulator:


Playing Lesson
$60 per hour
During this lesson, the entire golf game is analyzed from tee to green, focusing on alignment, club selection, and a golfers mental approach to every shot.  This session works on the golf swing in playing conditions and tries to bridge the gap between the range and the course.

Pitching and/or Chipping Lesson
$45 for 30 minutes.
The pitching and/ or chipping lesson focuses on one of the most important aspects of the golf game.  This session consists of a half-hour lesson around the putting green and can cover pitching, chipping, or both.

Putting Lesson
$45 for 30 minutes
The putting lesson focuses on the most important aspect of the golf game.  This session consists of a half hour on the putting green where the set-up and stroke is analyzed.  This is an easy way to improve in a short time and lower your score.

Junior Lessons & Programs
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Gift Certificates Available!
Lesson packages make a great gift for your golfer.

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To schedule a lesson, contact PGA Professional Dale David II (618) 233-8921 or fill in the below form.

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